Terms for Consigning†† Ver. 5110† Effective after 4/15/2013



How Items are consigned; You are the consigner.† The store is the consignee.


Consignment period is 60 days with a 30 day pickup (Grace) period.† See Reclaiming your item below.†


Percentage of commission Terms are set at on items at time of consignment.† There is a $2.00 tagging charge per item sold.


Condition of Items:† All items are to be in working condition.† Items returned by purchasers for undisclosed flaws can be disposed of as necessary including recycling or trash.


Reclaiming your item

There is a 30 day Grace period to pick up items not sold.

Commission is paid if sold in grace period.

Expired items over 90 days are discounted for clearance

And are subject to disposal as abandoned.

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Clearance of Goods.

Discount Schedule:†††

The Retail Price of your item may be raised or lowered without notice during the consignment period.†† Menís Exchange reserves the right to re-price an item at any time information on value requires a re-assessment.††† Menís Exchange reviews the price of each item every 30 days. Items with undisclosed defects are subject to disposal without any payment.

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Payments for prior month are made by the 15th of the current month.

Payments may not be issued in April or August due to seasonal cash flow.

Checks are processed to each account once per month only.

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Liability: We will do our best to safeguard your items but we are not responsible for shop theft, loss or damage.† Used items have no value until purchased.† For insurance purposes they are under your policy as your property, subject to your deductable.


Store hours are subject to change without notice.† Store may be closed one week each season for stock and inventory and as business dictates.

I have understood and accepted these terms.



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The consignment period is 60 days.†

Do not consign an Item if you do not agree with this standard consignment business process.

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Your signature is required at time of consignment stating you have read and agree with this contract and acts as confirmation of this agreement.